Corrupted RAR File Repair

Have you got an error message that "Cannot open your RAR file, as it has been corrupted". Well, there is no need to worry, here is a solution to fix corrupted RAR files. By using repair RAR software, corrupted RAR file repair can be performed effectively without affecting the original RAR Archive. Now, before discussing more about software, first let’s see what actually RAR stands for, what it is? And how actually it works?

RAR stands for ‘Roshal Archive’ and supports all .rar extension files. RAR is a file format for compressing and storing videos, images, documents, MOV files, software, etc. into a single RAR file. By compressing data only space is not reduced but also data will be kept confidential by setting password to RAR files. RAR Archive is also used for transferring large files as we can split into multiple parts by which transferring through mail becomes easy and safe. Unlike all files, RAR achieve files also gets corrupt due to reasons given below.

Reasons why actually the RAR file gets corrupt:

Interruption: While downloading or uploading any RAR files from internet, there should not be any interruption, if the file is interrupted then RAR file will be damaged or corrupted. While copying RAR file if sudden interruption like power off or sudden cancellation is done then also there is a chance of RAR damage. But, using file repair tool you can easily perform corrupted RAR file repair in few moments

Viruses or Malware Attack: Once RAR files are attacked by viruses the whole RAR file will be corrupted as they are very harmful.

Changing Extensions: Repeatedly changing the RAR file format from one file extension to another and back to it again can cause damage to the file. If the conversion process is not performed in a proper way, then it may corrupt or damage your RAR file causing loss of information.

During Decompression: During decompression of RAR files, if there is insufficient space in disk then the RAR file will be damaged and make the entire stored data unreadable.

Precautionary methods to reduce the risk of RAR file getting corrupt:

  1. High speed internet connection should be there while downloading in order to avoid interruption.
  2. System should have antivirus and must be updated regularly so that the system will not be affected by any external viruses and malwares.
  3. Software installed in system should be updated regularly.
  4. Always backup of important data should be maintained separately.

Though some precautionary measures are taken, there are still possibilities that RAR file may get corrupt due to some of the scenarios mentioned above or because of some unknown reasons. After this, there arises a question in your mind that how to repair corrupted RAR files? But now, there is no need to worry as there is best file repair tool which is very proficient to fix corrupt RAR files. File repair RAR tool can be fix corrupted RAR files which are damaged during splitting, downloading, transferring, etc. or other factors. This file repair tool proves to be best in repairing ZIP archives after corruption or damage. In order to gain more practical knowledge on Zip Archive repair, then you can follow the link

Features of Best File Repair Tool:

  1. File repair application can fix corrupt RAR files, which supports all version of RAR formats and WinRAR formats.
  2. It has capacity to fix corrupted RAR files having size up to 4GB.
  3. The file repair utility is easy to use and it is more conspicuous application to fix corrupt RAR file as well as multi part RAR files which are damaged or corrupted.
  4. The best file repair tool is very proficient tool which helps you to repair and recover files like MOV files, AVI, files, Word Files and many more which will be compressed into single RAR file. To know how to repair AVI files, then go for repair tool to fix AVI files
  5. This application can repair corrupted RAR files, even if they are encrypted or password protected without destructing original files present inside the RAR file.
  6. The whole repair process of RAR files is completely automatic.
  7. The best file repair tool can fix corrupted RAR files supports created in operating systems like, Window XP, VISTA, Microsoft Window 2007, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008.

Steps to fix corrupted RAR files:

Step 1: Download and install best file repair tool on your computer. Run the software and select the RAR file to be repaired and click on “Repair” button to start the corrupted RAR file repair process.

Fix Corrupted RAR Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The software starts scanning the RAR files and it will repair corrupted RAR files as shown in Fig 2

Fix Corrupted RAR Files - Repairing RAR File

Figure 2: Repairing RAR File

Step 3: After the completion of corrupted rar file fixing process, the repaired file is displayed on the screen. You can preview the repaired RAR file using “Preview” option as shown in figure3.

Fix Corrupted RAR Files - Preview Repaired Content

Figure 3: Preview Repaired Content

Step 4: Once you preview your files then you can save your file by using "Save" option as shown in figure 4. But in order to save your file you should purchase the best file repair tool and get it saved.

Fix Corrupted RAR Files - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure 4: Save Repaired RAR File