How to Repair MOV File on Windows?

As you know .mov is a popular multimedia video file format. Apple 1st introduced this format for Quick time player, but later it was also designed for Windows based computers. These MOV files are highly used in digital cameras, camcorders and many more digital products. But, sometimes you might come cross a situation where your MOV files may get corrupted due to some unknown reason and may lead to loss of your precious MOV file. Now, are you looking for some best and reliable tool to Fix MOV files on Windows based computers? If so, there is no need to become panic any more, you have stepped into the right place. With the help of Best File Repair tool you can repair MOV file on windows safely with accuracy.  Use our award winning tool that can perform MOV file repair on Windows.  

Sometimes you may delete some important MOV files from your hard disk of your Windows computer in a hurry and somehow you managed to restore those deleted MOV files by using a powerful recovery tool. But, when you tried to play the retrieved MOV files on your Windows PC an error message stating that “Error -2048: Couldn't open the file” was displayed. So, in order to view the restored MOV files, you need to repair them to make it accessible. Here you can use our software to fix MOV files on windows. Sometimes, virus attacks also corrupt the MOV files. This application can mend MOV file on Windows computer easily and effectively, just in matter of few mouse clicks. This utility can even repair other file types like PPT, Word, Excel, PSD, etc. For repairing corrupted PPT file, you can refer this link

And, if the header of the MOV file is corrupted due to abrupt shutdown of system while the MOV files are in use or improper transferring of MOV files, due to this your MOV file cannot be read. Do not worry!!! In such cases you can make use of our reliable software to repair MOV file on windows that were corrupted or damaged. MOV files are also corrupted even when they are not properly downloaded from internet and there are many more scenarios due which your MOV files are corrupted or damaged. But by using our software you can tackle any type of MOV files corruption scenarios and can perform MOV file repair on Windows easily. With the help of this repair utility, you can fix corrupted DivX files as well. To know more on how to repair DivX file, follow this link:

Not only MOV and DivX files, this tool is also capable of performing Windows 7 registry repair with ease. If you want to fix registry errors on Windows 7, Win XP or Vista computers then you must employ this application. This software is very efficiently designed to repair MOV file on windows. It scans for the corrupted MOV file and repairs it. The file repair tool can also repair corrupted RAR file containing any form of files like MOV, AVI, Word, etc. If your MP4 video files gets corrupted due to virus attack or abrupt system shutdown then also you can use this software. Best File Repair app can even mend broken PSD file created on different versions of Adobe Photoshop just within fraction of seconds.

Best file repair software which is also considered as the best repair tool for PST file, helps you to repair damaged PST file with ease and accuracy. Follow the to know how exactly the software works.

Using best file repair user can also fix AVI files with utmost ease. This tool will separately repair the audio and video track of file, and then adjoins it later. It is the best software for repairing AVI file in less span of time. Here you find complete info about how this tool fixes AVI files.

Simple steps to Fix MOV Files on Windows:

Step 1: Download and install Best File Repair Software. Launch the tool by double clicking on the shortcut desktop iocn. Now, browse and select the corrupted MOV file using “Corrupted File” button and then browse for a healthy MOV file for reference by using "Heathy File". Then click on “Repair” button to repair corrupted MOV file as shown in Figure 1.

Repair MOV File on Windows  - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: The software starts repairing your corrupt MOV file as soon as you click on “Repair” button. After finishing the repair process, you can preview the repaired MOV file by clicking on “Preview” option as shown in Figure 2.

Repair MOV File on Windows - Preview Window

Figure 2: Preview Window


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