How to Repair MP4 Video File???

Generally, people capture some wonderful moments, which they never want to forget. They shoot movies of their vocations, birthday parties, activities, accomplishments, sporting events, weddings and more. Because of the popularity of digital video cameras and mobile devices with built-in digital cameras, more people desire to capture their memories digitally instead of on films. You can edit, modify and share those videos with your other family members, friends or colleagues etc. With digital video cameras, recordings resides on storage media i.e. memory cards. Unlike film, storage media can be reused as many times as you want. This saves the time, reduces the costs and provides immediate results. There are various types of video file formats available. Among all, the MP4 video file format is subsequent and higher quality video file standard. Most MP4 video files intended for playback on a variety of systems that have a video stream encoded using the MPEG 4 Advanced Video Codec. Because of this reason, MP4 file format is commonly used by most of the people.

Consider a real time scenario, you had gone on a trip with your friends and recorded some random clips using your digital video camera. After some time, your digital video camera suddenly crashes while capturing the other clips. But, when you try to view those clips after recharging the battery of digital video camera, none of the clips were working properly. When you try to play those MP4 video clips, your camera was displaying errors indicating that these MP4 video files are broken and unreadable!!! Some MP4 video files start playing well at the beginning but, after few minutes, images freezes and produces clamorous sound!!! This clearly indicates that your MP4 video files are corrupted or damaged. There are various reasons for MP4 corruption. In this case, your digital camera crashed either due to low battery, virus attack or insufficient storage capacity. If your digital camera was running out of battery or the storage capacity i.e. memory card was full while capturing the video clips then your digital video camera may crash due to which your MP4 videos get corrupted. Sometimes, virus attacks also corrupt the video files resulting in loss of precious memories.

No need to worry at all!!! It is possible to repair MP4 video file and make the file to play again flawlessly by using this MP4 File Repair Software. This software is specially designed to fix MP4 videos that are severely corrupted or damaged. Along with MP4 video file repair, this software can also repair MOV files corrupted on Windows due to any common reasons. Go through the website for more information about how to repair MOV file. MP4 file repair software is designed with powerful and advanced algorithms, using which the software will fix MP4 videos that are severely corrupted. This powerful repair utility will not only perform MP4 file repair, it even allow you to fix DivX files very efficiently after damage or corruption. It's graphical user interface repair utility, this facilitates even an inexperienced user to repair MP4 video file using this tool. With the help of this repair application you can fix MP4 videos on both Windows as well as Mac based computers.

If your essential Word files are corrupted or damaged and you are not able to open these documents then also you can use this software. It can easily repair damaged Word files created in Microsoft Word 2000 and above versions with few simple clicks. It also supports the latest version of MS Word files i.e. DOCX files. Sometimes, you may end up in Zip file corruption that contains documents, photos, and other essential files. The main reasons for Zip file corruption may be improper download, interruption while downloading or extracting the contents of Zip archives, virus attack etc. However, whatever may be the reason for Zip file corruption, you can easily fix damaged Zip files by using File Repair Software. In addition, with the help of this tool you can also fix header files in AVI, DIVX, MOV etc.

Steps to Use MP4 File Repair Tool

Step 1: To repair MP4 video file, download and install this Best File Repair software on your hard drive. Now, connect your memory cards from where you want to fix MP4 files by using a card reader or data cable. After launching the software, click on open button to select your corrupted MP4 file and then click on “Repair” button

MP4 Video Repair - Main Window

Step 2: As you click on the “Repair” process, the software will start MP4 file repair process as shown in this below dispalyed fig

MP4 Video Repair - Repairing Progress

Step 3: Once the repair process gets completed, you can view the repaired MP4 video file by using “Preview repaired File” option

MP4 Video Repair - Preview Window


  • You should not capture videos from  your digital video camera when it is low on battery
  • Make sure that your memory card has sufficient storage capacity to store MP4 video files
  • Use effective antivirus program and update it regularly to avoid virus attack