How to Repair Corrupted PPT File?

PowerPoint files tend to corrupt quite easily. Sooner or later you will discover that computer’s don’t always work the way they are supposed to. Nothing is more frustrating than when a Microsoft PowerPoint application for no apparent reason decides to take a quick nap, locks up and stop responding to your commands and finally crashes when you are about to finish that presentation!!! You will feel more anxious when you will get errors after restarting and opening that PPT file that indicates that your presentation file is corrupt!!! Especially if you lose the precious presentation you have been working on!!! Of course, such crashes always seem to occur when the data has not been saved or when you don’t have the backup copy of your presentation files. Similarly, there are several other reasons due to which your PowerPoint files may get corrupted resulting in loss of valuable information. To read more about corruption and its solutions use this url

CRC errors: If RAW data of your files is destroyed due to which mismatch occurs between source and destination PPT file’s checksum value then you may get CRC errors. These CRC errors do not allow you to access the contents of presentation files making them inaccessible.

PPT file corruption after using defective data recovery software: You have used some data recovery software to recover accidentally deleted or lost files. However, after recovery, when you try to open the PPT files, you were shocked to see that your PPT files become corrupted or damaged resulting in loss of information from that presentation file.

Round Tripping: Converting the presentation files from one format to another format and again back in the same format is called as round tripping. Due to this, your presentation file may get corrupted resulting in loss of valuable information

Using “Allow Fast Saves” option to save PPT files: “Allow Fast Saves” option can save changes very quickly by adding only changes made during the current work session at the end of the existing file. But, during that process, it also increases the file size very quickly as extra bits of information are continually added to a file making it to grow very large. Due to this, your PPT file may get corrupted resulting in data loss

Microsoft PowerPoint has the in-built option to repair the corrupted PPT files i.e. “Open and Repair”. But, it may unable to repair the PPT file if it is severely corrupted. In such case, you can use File Repair Software to bring back your presentation file in working condition. This software can easily repair .PPT and .PPTX files. In addition to this, the software also helps you to fix RAR file formats. For additional knowledge on repair of RAR files, then survey on the given link It can fix corrupted or damaged presentation files on all latest versions of Windows Operating System like Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems. Along with presentation files, this software also has the ability to perform another Microsoft Office file repair i.e. Word document repair that too in couple of minutes. This software is made compatible to repair files of different Microsoft Outlook versions like Microsoft Office 2000,2003, 2007, 2010. So, if you want to know how this software actually repairs corrupt Outlook 2010 PST files, visit here:

This File Repair Software not only repairs the corrupted PPT files, it can also recover the contents of repaired PPT files like text, animations, pictures, OLE objects, graphs, fields, text formatting etc. This software can also repair archives like RAR and Zip files. If your Zip files that had lots of useful information gets corrupted due to power failure while extracting the contents, virus attack or abrupt system shutdown then also you can use this software. It can easily repair corrupted Zip files and also support the latest version i.e. .Zipx files. Sometimes, your multimedia files may also get corrupted while downloading from the internet or due to harmful viruses. In such case also, this tool helps you in repairing the corrupted multimedia files. For instance, if your MP4 videos of latest movies get corrupted while downloading then you can use this software to fix MP4 video files. Click here to know more about this.

Simple steps to repair corrupted PowerPoint files

Step 1: Download and install Best File Repair Software and launch it. Now, browse and select the corrupted PPT file using “Browse” button then click on “Repair” button to repair corrupted PowerPoint presentation file.

PowerPoint Repair - Main Window

Step 2: The software starts repairing your corrupt PPT file as you click on “Repair” button. After finishing the repair process, you can preview the repaired PPT file by clicking on “Click here to preview file” link

PPT Repair - Preview Window

Simple Tips:

  • Try to keep a backup of essential presentation files always to avoid data loss
  • Use antivirus software to get rid of harmful viruses
  • Disable “Allow Fast Save” option to avoid PPT file corruption problems