Repair Corrupt MOV Video File on Mac PC

MOV is known to be one of the most popular video file format, which is actually developed for the purpose of playing video files in devices created by Apple Inc. MOV file format at first was targeted to play in devices like iPod, iPad, Mac PC’s but later on it was adapted by PC’s running with Windows OS and other devices. Now a days, there are many digital camera brands which by default uses MOV file format to record videos.

Now let us consider a situation, you need to repair corrupt MOV file on Mac system. Obviously, it won’t respond if you try to play corrupted MOV files in any video player on your Mac PC. So, how does MOV file gets corrupt?

Basically, normal users will never go in depth to check out the reasons behind corruption of MOV file on Mac PC. Having a fair bit idea on what has caused MOV file corruption is always good to control such situations for the next time at least. Here is a brief description about the most frequently occurring situations that corrupts MOV file.


  • Header file corruption: Header of an MOV file contains information on the beginning of the file, the size of the MOV file, modification date and time, etc. Due to any reason, if header file gets damaged then you will lose control on your MOV file, it won’t respond if you try to play it.
  • External threats: MOV file can get affected by the intrusion of external threats from different sources, if the storage device is attached with severe viruses or malwares then it can impact the MOV files stored inside it.
  • Download errors: Users often download video files from internet which are in MOV file format and in case if gets broken while downloading files due to unexpected restart or network errors then the MOV file will not respond if you try to play it using media players on Mac PC.
  • Inaccurate recovery: There are chances that you might lose MOV video files from Mac PC while managing files on it. In these situations, the user will think of recovering files and they may get some recovery tool to recover it. But, you cannot guarantee proper recovery of MOV files, if you don’t use a reliable tool. You may get a damaged MOV file after recovery, which actually denies to play in media players.

Do you want to repair corrupt MOV file on Mac PC? We recommend you to use Best File Repair software to repair corrupt MOV file Mac in any of these situations. This tool is best in repairing MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, FLV and other video file formats on Mac PC. Get to know, what are the features that Best File Repair software have on board?

Best File Repair software allows to repair corrupt MOV file Mac in a safe and secure manner

How is it safe?

It is a read only software that means it never modifies the source MOV file that is already corrupted but instead of that it creates a duplicate copy by reading the source MOV file and manipulates it to fix errors and makes it playable again.

It helps to repair MOV files recorded using camcorders or digital camera easily

Best File Software has the potential to repair corrupted MOV files on Mac PC that are created or recorded using different brands of digital camera like Sony, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, etc. Source of MOV video file doesn’t matter when it comes to repairing damaged or corrupted MOV files on Mac PC.

Compatible to repair corrupt MOV files from different operating system

The tool supports repairing MOV files on various versions of Mac operating system such as Mavericks, Yosemite, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.

Supports repairing other file formats

Apart from repairing corrupted MOV file formats, this tool also supports user to repair corrupted AVI, MPEG, MP4 and other file formats on Mac PC.

Easy to use

The simple user interface of Best File Repair software makes it really convenient for users to repair damaged or corrupted MOV files on Mac PC.

Steps to repair MOV files on Mac using Best File Repair Tool

Step 1: In order to repair corrupt MOV video file on Mac, download and install Best File Repair software into your Mac PC. After launching the software, use open button to select the corrupted MOV file and then click on “Repair” button

Step 2: Upon clicking “Repair” option, the software will start MOV file repair process as shown in this below dispalyed fig

Step 3: Once the repair process  is over, you can view the repaired MOV video file by using “Preview repaired File” option