Do you want to repair corrupted Word documents?


Generally, documents contain a treasure trove of valuable information related to your both business and personal use. You can store your documents in a variety of formats like PDF’s, text files etc. But, one of the most common and best format is Microsoft Word format. It is one of the applications of Microsoft Office, which is commonly utilized by millions of people. With this type of usage, the amount of problems that it may encounter is limitless. The reasons for Word file corruption may be simple or complex but, you end up in losing that document.

If the document contains 50 to 60 pages of information then it become very difficult to recreate it. For example, assume that you are working on a very important project whose report in Word format should reach your project manager at sharp 4:30 P.M. But, it is four in the afternoon and the document that needs to be sent by 4:30 won’t open!!! Whenever you are trying to open that Word file, you are getting dreadful errors that indicate that the Word documents is corrupt or damaged. When this happens, you will obviously feel to throw your computer!!! Stay calm!!! It is possible to repair your Word files but, before repairing it you should try to know the reasons behind the corruption. Here are common reasons responsible for Word file corruption

Macro Virus attacks: It is a common problem that corrupts your essential Word files and make it inaccessible. These Macro viruses affect only Word files. If your computer is infected with this virus then you may end up in Word file corruption resulting in loss of documents

Abrupt removal of external storage device: Word files may get corrupt when a removable storage device like a USB drive or memory card is removed while Word still has the files open on your desktop or removable storage device. Usually, Word does not re-assemble the file until it has been fully closed If you remove the disk before it is closed then be ready to lose that document

Power failure: If you encounter sudden power failure while working on Word files then also your Word files may get corrupt resulting in data loss. Get tips to repair corrupted PowerPoint Presentation files at

Did you know that Word application has Open and Repair command to repair the Word files?? Whenever MS Word application is unable to open a Word file in the normal way, you can this option to fix damaged or corrupted Word files. If it does not work then you must use this professional File Repair Software to repair the doc files. This software can easily repair severely corrupted DOC and also DOCX files. It can easily fix Word files corrupted due to Macro viruses, software malfunction, power failures etc. If your essential Word files are zipped and that Zip file itself gets corrupted then also you can use this software to perform repair Zip archive. It can repair Zip files and recover the contents of a Zip file with utmost ease.

File Repair Software has the ability to repair files from different types of storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, FireWire drives etc. Similarly, if your presentation files related to your project or business gets corrupted due to any reasons like virus attack, power failure, improper system shut down etc. then use this software. It can fix PPT files with utmost ease and in less span of time. Along with that, it can also restore text, hyperlinks, images, graphs, charts etc. from corrupted PowerPoint presentation files. If your MP4 video files have been corrupted while downloading those videos from internet then also you can use this software. It can easily repair MP4 files on all latest versions of Mac Operating Systems like Mac Leopard, Mac Lion and Mac Snow Leopard. It can also repair Mov file on Windows XP, Vista, 7(32bit, 64bit) and 8. This software not only supports MP4 file repair, but it can even be used to fix MOV files on Windows computers.

Easy steps to repair the corrupted Word file

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Best File Repair Tool and launch it either by double clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop or by using the programs from start menu. After launching the software, browse and select the damaged Word file and then click on “Repair” button to initiate the repair process

Word Repair - Main Window

Step 2: As you click on “Repiar” button, the software starts repairing the corrupted Word document. Once the repair process is done successfully, you can preview the repaired Word file using “Preview” option

MS Word Repair - Preview Window

Hate losing Work?? Follow these tips to avoid Word file corruption in future:

  • Always back up your Word files so that you can directly restore the Word files without performing any of these above mentioned steps
  • You should avoid editing Word documents on removable storage devices
  • First close all the files and then eject the Removable storage device by using “Safely Remove Hardware” option