Methods to repair corrupted Zip File


Zip format is one of the older compression and archive formats still in the current use. Zip archives can use numerous compression mechanisms and two different forms of encryption. These Zip archives store one or more files in compressed format. Each Zip archive has a header with information such as the name of the file and the compression method that was used. It is supported on any platform you are likely to use and does not appear to be in danger of vanishing away at any time. However, sometimes, you come across a scenario in which your Zip archives may get corrupted. Especially, when an interruption occurs while downloading it from the internet. Here are some possible reasons due to which your Zip archive may get corrupted

Error while downloading Zip archives from the internet: You just downloaded some novels or movies that were compressed in Zip format. After downloading that Zip file, you try to extract the contents of that Zip file. But, you will get download error that does not allow you to extract the contents and access the files that are compressed resulting in data loss

Header corruption: whenever you are trying to extract the contents of Zip file that had a number of MOV files, you might be encountering “Header is Corrupt” error message. This error message occurs mainly due to virus attack. Viruses generally corrupt the .exe files and archives and makes them inaccessible resulting in loss of information

Interruption during extraction process: If sudden power failure occurs or your system get abruptly shut down due to some problems during the extracting process then also you may end up in Zip file corruption. Again when you turn on your system and try to extract the Zip file then you may get an error indicating that your Zip archive is corrupted or damaged.

Abrupt removal of removable storage device during data transfer: If you accidentally or abruptly removed the removable storage devices like memory cards or USB drives from your computer while transferring Zip files then also you may end up in Zip file corruption. Therefore, it is always recommended to wait until the transfer process gets over and use “Safely remove Hardware” option to eject the external storage device safely without any corruption issues. Not only Zip files it even repair PPT files click here to get details.

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In order to repair those files you can use this File Repair Software. It can easily and safely repair PowerPoint presentation and recover all embedded items like text, images, sounds, graphs, charts etc. on Windows Operating System. As you may also ZIP your Outlook PST file. In case the zipped PST file gets damaged or corrupted, then it would not let you access any of your Outlook data. Hence you need software to fix this issue. By the use of this best file repair software which is also considered as the best repair tool for PST file, you can repair corrupted PST file accurately and easily. Go to the given site to know how exactly the software works.

Additionally, this software can also help in repairing severely damaged or corrupted PSD files. You can repair even the RLE compressed PSD file, discover more. Multimedia files like AVI, MOV, MP4 etc. It supports different types of storage devices like memory cards, USB drives, hard drives, external hard drives, iPods etc. For instance, if your essential MP4 videos get corrupted and you are unable to play those videos properly due to corruption issue then you can use this software. It can also repair MP4 videos on all latest versions of Mac Operating Systems including Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Lion and Mac Leopard Operating Systems in couple of easy steps.

Quick steps to repair corrupted Zip archives

Step 1: Download and launch free demo version of this Best File Repair Software on your hard drive. After launching the software, a main screen appears with Browse and Repair buttons. First, click on “Browse” button to select corrupted Zip archive and then click on “Repair” button to start the repair process

Zip archive repair - Main Window

Step 2: The software start repairing file after clicking on “Repair” button. Once the repair process is completed, you can view recovered the contents of corrupt Zip file by using “Preview” option

Zip file repair - Preview Window